Monastic complex

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You can visit all the most important environments of the great Benedictine monastery, defined for centuries the Montecassino of the north: the wonderful abbey church restored by Giulio Romano in 1539, the refectory with a frescoed wall attributed to Correggio, the three fifteenth-century cloisters, the ancient cellars, the chapter room, the eighteenth-century library, the scriptorium. In the suggestive environments that were the dormitories of the monastery, is located the Polironiano Civic Museum, which, with its important collections (tools of agricultural work, devotional objects and images, puppets and marionette) is the most important ethnographic museum in Lombardy. At the INFO POINT you can rent bicycles to hike the bike paths that surround the village along the banks of the Po River. All this and much more awaits you in San Benedetto Po, one of the most beautiful hamlets in Italy.

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