Info Point Molfetta

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The Molfetta Tourist Information is located in the heart of the old town and is committed to welcoming those who wish to visit the city. It offers guided tour services, has a rich bookshop, deals with promotional activities and is a reference point for activities and places of Molfetta culture. Open 365 days a year, it promotes responsible tourism. Here you can find information on the main monuments of the city, you can book visits to the main cultural sites, such as the Pulo di Molfetta, a karst sinkhole of archaeological, historical and naturalistic interest; the Archaeological Civic Museum of Pulo, located at Casina Cappelluti; the Torrione Passari, the Sala dei Templari and the Chiesa della Morte, public spaces for contemporary art exhibitions. The Info Point Molfetta deals with the organization of thematic visits to discover the historical and artistic beauties of the city, it also provides information on where to sleep, where to eat, about public transport and distributes information material dedicated to the whole Puglia region.

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Info Point Molfetta


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