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Sappada is a charming mountain town located at 1.250 meters above sea level on the extreme border of Friuli Venezia Giulia, near the Veneto region. It is framed by the spectacular Dolomites and offers its guests an atmosphere of other times that draws on the richness of history and culture, the splendor of nature and the unmistakable traditions, to present itself to its visitors with an irresistible charm!
The beauty of Sappada is all in its authenticity.
Here nature fascinates for its splendor; the air we breathe leads back to history, to the past of a rural civilization that knew how to respect its land and take care of its peculiarities.

The magic of Sappada reaches its peak with the snow that covers it and enhances the beauty of its forms and landscape.
A walk in the old street of Sappada where the cribs characterize every corner and foreshortening of the villages or an excursion of ski mountaineering in the silence of the night and illuminated by the moon and the light of the stars are just some ideas to live our town in a way exclusive.
But Sappada is not just magic, it is also sport and fun for adults and children.
The alpine ski slopes, of all difficulties, are available to everyone: from the pitches for beginners to the black track Col dei Mughi guests can choose where to ski according to their abilities. You can decide to be kissed by the sun and get on the 2000 track or, on the other side, have fun on the Monte Siera or Pian dei Nidi track.
Sappada is known throughout the world for Nordic skiing, thanks to the 2 Olympic champions Silvio Fauner and Pietro Piller Cottrer, who often happens to meet on the Sappada slope, a ring that winds through the woods and develops on the sunny planes.
Those who prefer can explore the slopes of the Dolomites with snowshoes and come across landscapes of rare beauty.
The most daring and motor-lovers can get on a snowmobile and travel by being caressed by the fresh and healthy air of the mountains of Sappada.
Even ice-climbing enthusiasts find a paradise in our valley: more and more guests from all over the world come to our spectacular ice walls.


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