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Inspired by ancient Indian recipes, while incorporating eclectic regional influences and sourcing the freshest local ingredients, Indian Village offers classic pan-Indian cuisine with a modern twist. Indian Village takes you on a unique gastronomic journey through different cuisines, regions and Indian periods.
The result is an unforgettable sensorial experience based on aromas, flavors and sensations given by the skillful use of spices for the preparation of popular and eclectic Indian dishes, all cooked at the time and exquisitely presented. Indian Village is the first restaurant in Europe opened and created with the intention of spreading the beautiful exotic culture of India combined with its cuisine. A museum of Culture Living Village just outside Udine, which offers you the opportunity to experience the authentic culture, traditions and flavors of India in one place. An incredible restaurant led by brilliant and passionate people. Our head chef, is doing wonders in the kitchen combining seasonal and locally sourced products with spices and recipes of traditional Indian cuisine. As for drinks, we have a team of barmen who will offer you excellent cocktails. If you're looking for the traditional flavor along with the culture, look no further!


Village Card and One Day Card: 10% discount on dinner’s prize

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A pass with a wide range of services to explore Friuli Venezia Giulia, while spending less! Create your own personal travel plan to discover Friuli Venezia Giulia, where you find art, culture, sea, mountains and well-being!

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ZONA 30 Bike Guesthouse

ZONA 30 Bike Guesthouse : Accomodation into the fortress of Palmanova, love for the territory, services for cycling and slow tourism, rent bike.

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